Science and…Religion?

Numerous attempts to demonstrate that science and religion are not compatible have always encounter problems within their own theories.

Does God exists? If so, why is there so much evil and innocent people suffering with injustice and sickness? Why does the Bible is full of myths and fables?  Why always use the cop out of faith when asked to reason over scientific evidence?

Well, all of these questions are not new but rather same old arguments to disproof God and divorce religion from science.

Most atheist scientists agree that the origin of life started somewhere in the billion of years ago after either a big bang explosion in the vast universe (that continues to expand to unknown frontiers as technology advances), or that there is some kind of evolution of life from either a microscopic nothing to something, or transformation of species (Darwinian principle). Yet, the very principle of “science” is based on observation and experiment, which leaves as not enough time in the diminutive amounts of year that we survive on this called “lifetime” to be able to “observe” evolution of any kind.

Thus, the only way to construct theories of life on earth without been able to apply the very rule of science of observation, left us but with only one option to press on with this belief: Blind Faith! Huh? Yes, the most criticized action of religion, blind faith, becomes the core element in trying to explain the origin of life without God.

Intelligent design (God as creator of the Universe and life) has been ridiculed for the very same reasons that science without God has tried to explain the existence of life.  While atheist scientists, or philosophers for that matter, can’t pint point the actual beginning, and have to use blind faith, they ridicule religion when trying to explain the God created something from nothing.

So, in a sense we say the same thing and try to explain life in the same way that life came from nothing, yet Religion has used about the same facts of science to demonstrate the existence of God rather that just chance, which by the way, requires more blind faith.

Lastly, lets say that God didn’t exist after all, then nothing is lost since there was hope of something better that never arrived.  But, if God in fact exists then I will lose everything because of the conscious decision to reject God.

Thus, I chose believe in science married to religion and to live a life of love, faith and hope of a God creator that will end this evil that is distorting the true image of God rather than having faith in human scientists without God. I hope that you too will chose God.  After all you have nothing to lose but everything to gain!

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